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During the confinement we’ve launched a series of online workshops in collaboration with Eugenia Aldinucci. 

We talk about plants and sustainability: natural cosmetics, food, upcycling and much more.

Our philosophy

Plants are life, and observing them allows us to reconnect with nature. 

Being around plants helps reducing stress, and they make our homes more cozy. They also help purifying the air, some others keep mosquitoes away, and some of them even feed us and can be used in remedies and recipes.

Experimenting leaving fears aside allows us to open to a whole new world at the tip of our fingers.

The YERBA workshops

We combine the theory on sustainability with practical crafts and the world of plants. 

We demistify that owning plants is expensive, takes a lot of room or requires hard work. 

We encourage reusing packaging and other materials to make pots and hangers, bring you ideas to propagate and adopt different kinds of plants and promote the exchange of cuttings and seeds. 


YERBA workshops sessions

Independent sessions in different languages about diverse topics related to plants.

Session 1: YERBA workshops – PLANTS.

We will talk about the benefits of having plants around us, we will debunk some myths, talk about the cycle and origin of plants, their uses further than being aesthetically pleasant, how to take care of them and we will also make a knot plant hanger with some rope.

  • August 26th, 18:30 CEST. (Spanish) – done
  • September 28th, 18:30 CEST. (Spanish) – You can join by choosing your reward from a donation on here.
  • October 2nd, 18:30 CEST. (English) – You will be able to sign up for this one soon on buymeacoffee.

Session 2: YERBA workshops – REUSE TO DECORATE. Thursday Sept. 17th, 18:30h CEST.

We will see how we can reuse packaging and other materials to make pots and decorative compositions for our home and to give as a present. We will also see different options as potting soil, how to carry a plant diary, and which information might be useful to register on it.

  • September 17th, 18:30 CEST. (Spanish) – You can already make a donation and claim your workshop reward here for this session in Spanish
  •  Get in touch if you want us to remind you when the English version is available.

Session 3: YERBA workshops – more info available soon.


Want to know more?

Get in touch with us here or email us at if you have any doubts, suggestions or if you want to collaborate with us. 

See you soon!

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